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America’s healthcare system is experiencing a significant, and increasing, need for high-quality behavioral health services. In order to appropriately meet the current – and future – behavioral health needs of their patient populations, hospitals and health systems need a quality partner who can effectively and efficiently manage a behavioral health program that best meets the needs of patients, partners and communities.

For more than 30 years, Kindred has partnered with the leading health systems across the country to provide clinical success and the highest quality patient outcomes – all while also ensuring regulatory compliance. Kindred’s dedicated expertise, cutting edge technology and national pool of resources allows us to help our partners overcome the most challenging healthcare obstacles to provide best-in-class care.

Why Behavioral Health Services are Important

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Reduce Behavioral Health Spend

Inadequate facilities and services are resulting in behavioral health patients staying in the ER too long and driving suboptimal financial performance.


ED Throughput Issues

Behavioral health patients are interrupting the flow of other patients through the ER – creating a bottleneck and serious patient treatment challenges.


Capture Existing Patient Population

Hospitals are likely discharging a material number of patients who originate in their ERs to other facilities or alternative settings to then be treated.


Improve Patient Care

Providers looking to develop new facilities/enhance management of existing space to improve patient care in the behavioral health space.


Population Health Management

Behavioral health services are necessary in today's environment for a provider to effectively serve its population – behavioral health issues lead to additional health issues.


Lack of Appropriate Care Setting

There is typically a lack of appropriate inpatient/acute service providers to support the ever-increasing demand.

Benefits of partnership

Providers are faced with increasing obstacles in running behavioral health units. Successful integration of behavioral health can meaningfully reduce medical expenditures and improve care delivery.

Our solutions are designed to help partners overcome obstacles, create new efficiencies in management and administrative functions and maximize patient outcomes.


Deliver High-Quality Outcomes

  • Program development based in trauma-informed, evidence-based practices
  • Comprehensive clinical oversight through standardized and focused clinical site visits
  • Qualitative and quantitative efficacy of care measurements
  • Extensive protocols covering management of chronic medical conditions
  • Proactive risk assessments
  • Enterprise-wide standard processes to address safety and quality issues.


Maximize Patient Access

  • Culture of Patient advocacy designed to drive market share growth
  • Advanced clinical liaison network skilled at establishing a flow of patients who qualify for behavioral health services
  • Market analysis and strategic planning designed to drive access
  • Community engagement and education


Managed ED Throughput and Occupancy

  • Effectively manage the behavioral health patient population that flows through the ED department (15-minute admission decisions)
  • Support and coordination with other service lines
  • Analysis of referral flow, deflection rationale and key demographics


Operational Efficiencies

  • Sophisticated support capabilities and efficiencies of large specialty hospital provider
  • Best-in-class EHR and use of technology
  • Management expertise to optimize financial success
  • Specialized support capabilities in recruiting, compliance, reimbursement, etc.
  • Regulatory and accreditation assessment and training

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