History of the Foundation

In 1996, Odyssey HealthCare, Inc. launched its first Medicare-certified hospice program in Indianapolis, IN. The Odyssey HealthCare Foundation was formed in May 1999 as a vehicle to manage donations from grateful families and friends of our patients. Through the years, the Foundation has changed names as a result of acquisitions. The first name change occurred when Odyssey HealthCare, Inc. acquired VistaCare, Inc., and the Foundation name became the Odyssey VistaCare Hospice Foundation. When Odyssey HealthCare, Inc. was acquired by Gentiva Health Services, Inc., the Foundation name was changed to the Gentiva Hospice Foundation. Kindred Healthcare, Inc. acquired Gentiva Health Services, Inc., in February 2015 and the Foundation name was again changed to the Kindred Gentiva Hospice Foundation. In October 2017, the Foundation rebranded to Kindred Hospice Foundation Through all these changes, the Foundation remains committed to supporting all Kindred Hospice locations and their patients.

Foundation Staff

Mary Griffin - Executive Director

Audra Brand - Foundation Administrator


Foundation Board of Trustees

Selece Beasley - President

Shannon Drake - Secretary

David Geiringer - Treasurer

Niki Cook - Board Member

Thomas Rollerson - Board Member

Doug Abell - Board Member

Tax ID Number: 75-2851746