Patient and Family Assistance

The Kindred Hospice Foundation provides assistance to our Kindred patients and families based on critical needs identified by medical social workers in each local program. Once the needs are identified, they are qualified by the site Executive Director and submitted as a grant request for further review to ensure they meet the guidelines of the Foundation mission. The Foundation works to stretch donor dollars by encouraging hospice social workers to identify sources within their local community to partner for assistance. Examples of patient and family assistance grants are:

  • Rent or Emergency Repairs
    This need may include paying rent for the patient, a deposit on living quarters, help with moving costs from a care facility, fixing a leaking roof or buying a new water heater.
  • Utility Bills
    This need may include help with paying utility bills, a phone bill or purchasing a phone card to help the patient reach family and friends.
  • Food Assistance
    Food assistance is provided in areas where food pantries are not available, patients may not qualify for food stamps or they may have food assistance, but are unable to eat the food or obtain nutritional supplements if necessary.
  • Comfort Care
    A patient may need personal care items or clothing as they lose weight, a safety bar for the shower or a wig. Comfort care may also include buying or renting movies, a radio to listen to music, books or games.
  • Miscellaneous Assistance
    There are many other opportunities to meet patient and family needs that are granted by the Foundation. Patient needs at the end of life can vary and the Foundation may be able to assist in providing for appropriate unforeseen needs when other resources are unavailable.

Giving Life to Final Dreams

Giving compassionate assistance to those at the end of life’s journey is a key component to palliative care, and can include non-medical programs that improve quality of life for patients and their families. Kindred Hospice Foundation partners with Dream Foundation, a separate nonprofit organization, through an annual grant to support their mission of making Dreams come true for many adults battling life-limiting illnesses throughout the country.

Two men sky diving

If you have a dream, live the dream…

Since serving the U.S. Air Force, Richard, an Emerald Coast Hospice patient from Navarre, FL, had always dreamed of skydiving, but never got the chance. He reached out to the Dream Foundation to help bring his dream to life.

“As my time draws near,” Richard wrote, “I would like to have one of my lifelong aspirations met.” Dream Foundation’s Dreams for Veterans program serves and honors terminally ill veterans by fulfilling their final dream. Richard’s dream included an eight-minute jump complete with a photo and video package and additional funds for the outing.

If you have a dream, live the dream,” Richard said. “Go for it because you may not get a second chance.”

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Wall of Remembrance

The Kindred Hospice Foundation places a Wall of Remembrance in its Inpatient Units (IPUs) to function as a tribute to family members under hospice care and a place for families to go to remember their loved one. Gifts in memory or in honor of a loved one are an excellent way to cherish a special person or important event such as a birthday or anniversary. Gifts may also be made in tribute to our employees or volunteers who are especially appreciated for their outstanding service.

As a lasting legacy to the memory of your loved one, their name can be imprinted onto a heart and added to the Foundation’s Wall of Remembrance. Hearts are available in three sizes:

Large – Gifts of $1,000 or more (6” Heart)
Medium – Gifts of $500 to $999 (5” Heart)
Small – Gifts of $250 to $499 (4” Heart)

Hearts can be purchased by an individual or a group. If a group donation is made, all donations must be submitted on one time with completed order form. All gifts are tax-deductible.

When you pay tribute to someone who passed on by giving a Legacy of Love, that gift provides joy, dignity, and love to others who are walking down that path. Your generous gift sustains the Kindred Hospice Foundation by providing:

  1. Assistance to our patients by providing limited aid for those experiencing a financial hardship
  2. Help for dying patients to fulfill final wishes
  3. An opportunity for children who have experienced the loss of a loved one to attend Camp I Believe, our kids bereavement camp
  4. Assistance for educational fellowships to hospice and palliative care physicians in palliative care fellowship programs.

Inpatient Unit Locations

  • Columbus, GA
  • San Antonio, TX

For information on purchasing a heart for a loved one, please contact the Kindred Hospice Foundation toll-free at 855-951-6150.

Download The Kindred Hospice Wall of Remembrance Flyer Here.