Social Services

Many families sign up for hospice not knowing exactly what to expect. Hospice is not an everyday service or experience, so it can come with a lot of uncertainty. It’s important to know that you have people close by who can help you, support you and lift some of the emotional weight that can come with caring for a loved one. 

Our social workers can help by connecting you to local resources that can:

  • Assure your wishes are met by assisting with advance directives and physician orders for life-sustaining treatment 
  • Assist with funeral planning
  • Contact local agencies and community resources as needed
  • Identify emotional needs and provide appropriate supports
  • Help with insurance and Medicare paperwork
  • Bridge family gaps and bring loved ones together

Our team of experts will be glad to complete an assessment to determine if hospice is a treatment option for your loved one. To find a Kindred Hospice location near you, search our directory.