While hospice care is often misunderstood, choosing it does not mean you are giving up on life. Instead, it means you are focusing on comfort instead of a cure so that a better quality of life can be maintained for as long as possible.

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Who can receive hospice care?

Jan 19, 2017, 00:10 AM

Hospice care is appropriate if your loved one’s doctor and the hospice medical director certify the disease is end-stage, with a life expectancy of six months or less if the disease runs its normal course. At times, a disease does not run its normal course and patients may be on hospice services for periods longer than six months. 

Hospice care provides comfort and support for patients with all types of illnesses including: 

  • Cancer
  • Heart, lung, vascular, kidney and neuromuscular diseases
  • All types of dementia
  • AIDS

If you feel that your loved one may benefit from hospice care, we are only a phone call away. A member of our experienced staff can work with you and your loved one’s physician to determine if hospice care is an option. If you prefer to be contacted via e-mail, please Contact Us and we will promptly reply to your request.

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