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Our Team

Shawn Niccolls

Shawn Niccolls, LCSW

Care Philosophy

I strive to provide the best care for our patients with a kind heart and listening ear. I help our seniors solve problems by thinking "outside the box" and going the extra mile.


Deborah Williams

Deborah Williams, PA

Care Philosophy

I provide quality healthcare to all of my patients efficiently, effectively and compassionately. I treat my patients as if they are my own family.


Melanie Makar

Melanie Makar, ARNP

Care Philosophy

Every day my goal is to provide care with compassion and understanding, treating patients like they were my family.


Lisa Meyer

Lisa Meyer, ARNP

Care Philosophy

I am privileged to work with our patients and their families and will always strive to provide compassionate, sincere, hands-on care.


Darelys Ruiz

Darelys Ruiz, ARNP

Care Philosophy

The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it. It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters.


Diane Jasmin-Slattery

Diane Jasmin-Slattery, ARNP

Care Philosophy

I strive to provide compassionate, client-centered care by focusing on the whole person—in a partnership between practitioner and client—with the common goal of achieving and maintaining wellness.


Susan “Lyn” Fort

Susan “Lyn” Fort, ARNP

Care Philosophy

I believe all people deserve competent and caring healthcare providers; from the secretary and MA, to the nurse, doctor, and the nurse practitioner. I work in this profession because I care about my patients and my work family.


Michael Lorello

Michael Lorello, PA

Care Philosophy

My goal is to optimize personalized patient care, allow patients to age in place, and play an integral part in the decision making of their overall medical care.


Tracy Czop, CNP

Care Philosophy

I strive to keep our elderly population as healthy as possible; they deserve my time and expertise.


Cheryl Izzo

Cheryl Izzo

Care Philosophy

Each day I strive to provide compassionate, efficient, patient-centered care with a warm smile and an open heart.