Lame Duck Activity

By RehabCare

As was anticipated before the elections, Congress has a great deal to accomplish in the current lame duck session. These activities may decide the outcome of several Medicare provisions: the doc fix, extension of the therapy cap exceptions process (among other Medicare extenders), the expiration of business and personal tax breaks, unemployment benefits and the impending 2% Medicare sequester cut that is scheduled to take effect in January 2013. When considering the implications of all these measures together, the media has taken to calling this the “fiscal cliff.”

To date, Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill and in the White House have still not agreed to a total package to address all of these measures. As additional Medicare cuts have been discussed by both sides of the aisle, RehabCare leaders and our Government Relations team have been actively engaged in Hill activities and meetings. There is no agreement as to what Medicare cuts may be included in a final package, but through our activities as well as our coalition and association partners, we are presenting the need to extend the Medicare Part B Therapy Cap Exceptions Process, prevent an increase in the Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR) for therapy services, express the concerns with the application of the $3,700 Manual Medical Review process and ensure appropriate funding for therapy services. We are promoting the value proposition of medically necessary rehabilitative care and services and the vital role we play in ensuring patients are able to recover and return home.