The House Ways and Means Committee recently released legislative language reflecting several elements included in the Administration’s budget proposal – including reducing market basket updates, equalizing payments for certain conditions commonly treated in IRFs starting in 2014, reinstating the 75% rule and other changes aimed at providers. Specifically, the proposal would reduce market basket updates by an additional 1.1% each year through 2023 for all post acute care providers creating an estimated $79 billion in budgetary savings over ten years.

It is perceived that the release of this language by the Committee was largely a political maneuver. However, it is concerning that such cuts to post acute care and the provision of rehabilitative services continue to be discussed, particularly in light of the pursuits of post acute care reform and a repeal of the SGR. No Congressional activity is planned at this point, but it may be included in the greater policy discussion in the near future.

By Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services