When Kyle, 27, suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a brain tumor, his doctors predicted he would never be himself again. Kyle was bedridden and could not speak or move his limbs. It was assumed that Kyle was not a fit for an inpatient rehabilitation facility, and he was advised to transfer to a nursing facility from a long term acute care hospital (LTACH). Determined to give her a husband a chance with intensive therapy, Kyle’s wife Sarah sought rehabilitation treatment and connected with RehabCare’s clinicians at Mercy Health – Fairfield Hospital in Cincinnati.

At this stage, admissions coordinators play a crucial role in assessing whether a patient is appropriate for inpatient rehabilitation. This includes a visit with the patient to learn more about their condition and prognosis. The admissions coordinators collaborate with the physicians at each rehab department. Clinicians and coordinators are aware of what their facilities and therapists can accomplish and determine which patients should be admitted for care after careful evaluation.

RehabCare’s team at Mercy Health decided that Kyle should undergo intensive therapy for several months to see if his otherwise healthy body would respond to interdisciplinary care. Hear Kyle and his therapists discuss his remarkable journey:


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By Margaret Schmidt