As hospitals brace for an expanding number of conditions to be scrutinized when patients are readmitted, reducing rehospitalizations continues to be on all providers’ minds. As a provider of rehab services and partner for skilled nursing and hospital-based rehabilitation, RehabCare implements solutions to avoid preventable hospitalizations. Chief among these strategies is patient education.

Educating patients about their disease and medication regimen is essential for providers who want to keep their patients out of the hospital. McKnight’s reported recently that rehab providers ought not to underestimate rehab’s role in teaching medication management. While nursing centers are generally responsible for dispensing and administering medication, it is the job of the rehab team to address fine motor manipulation, reading and comprehension of medication labels and instruction for opening blister packs.

Does your rehab unit need to focus its efforts on medication management? Read the full article from McKnight’s Long-Term Care News here.
By RehabCare