An Aging Body Is No Longer a Reason to Slow Down

By RehabCare

Aging adults have unique needs – physical, emotional, cognitive – when it comes to health and wellness, and many of today’s mature adults expect to be just as active as they were decades ago. Yet even though people are living longer and plan to remain independent, many are doing so with chronic diseases. Having the proper guidance when it comes to exercise and making healthy choices can mean the difference between staying active or becoming sedentary. Adopting an active lifestyle can also impact how much assistance older adults need in their everyday lives, even for those without chronic diseases.

An effective health and wellness program is not just a feel-good initiative. The Smart Moves wellness program from RehabCare enables our partner facilities to offer the services and guidance that aging adults need to stay active and independent, with or without chronic disease.

Smart Moves outcomes can include:

• decreased incidence of falls
• reduced incidence of diseases such as heart disease,
diabetes and osteoporosis
• improved sleep quality and decreased depression
• reduced agitation in patients with Alzheimer’s

The program can also help set your rehab department apart from competitors. The program at The Gardens - Assisted Living at Imboden Creek, located in Decatur, Illinois has garnered the attention of local news media WAVE17 for its importance to the community. WAVE17’s story mentions that the Smart Moves program is the only program of its type in area that is specifically for seniors.

WAVE17’s story shares that residents at Imboden Creek value seated chair exercises that focus on strength, range of motion, cognition and flexibility. Residents also enjoy mobility equipment tune-ups.

“The program works the mind and the body,” explains Ashley Higar, a RehabCare physical therapist at Imboden Gardens.

“It keeps us active and moving around,” says resident Max Pritts, a retired postal carrier.

The classes are designed to adapt to each resident’s limitations and capabilities. "It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in, and I'm 91 – really," says Mary Merril, another participant.

To learn more about Smart Moves and how a wellness program may enhance your facility’s offerings, visit or email

By RehabCare