A recent Washington Post article about guided exercise after cardiac rehabilitation reaffirms one of our core beliefs: self-care and disease understanding are critical for the sustained recovery of rehab patients.

We understand the importance of educating patients about their conditions so that they may practice self-care and targeted exercises after treatment ends. Our therapists strive to restore function and teach patients the skills that they need to return to independent lives and be discharged as soon as medically possible.

After discharge, there are times when our patients want to maximize the success of their rehabilitation by having continued access to the state-of-the-art equipment that helped them recover. For this reason, some of our departments choose to offer therapy maintenance programs. A therapy maintenance program can be a great way for orthopedic patients to continue self-care and preserve regained function on one’s own time, under the supervision and counsel of trained therapists.

Benefits of utilizing a rehab maintenance program can include:

  • Clinical advice and feedback during sessions
  • Access to equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, weights, therabands and therapeutic balls
  • Longevity: Being physically active can add four quality years to your life
  • Fall prevention. Gait and balance activities can reduce falls by 40%
  • Independence. Regular physical activity sustains the activities of daily living that enable individuals to remain at home
  • Weight-bearing and resistance activities can prevent osteoporosis 

By Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services