Each of us starts the workday with a general idea of how the day is going to go. But Kevin, a young man working at a factory in Texas, went in to work one morning not knowing that his life was about to change. When a crane mat was not securely fastened and toppled over in an accident at a welding factory, Kevin was crushed and severely injured. His pelvis was broken in five places, his femur was crushed, his bladder was dislocated and his tibula was broken. Kevin was essentially bedbound after his recovery from the short-term hospital. “Basically we were starting from scratch,” said Kevin’s physical therapist. “But every day we just wanted to set the bar a little bit higher.”

Kevin received care at Kindred Hospital Clear Lake, a long-term acute care hospital (LTAC), as well as Kindred Rehabilitation Clear Lake once he progressed enough to transfer to inpatient rehabilitation. Kevin was able to benefit from Kindred’s smooth continuation of his care and receive treatment from clinicians who coordinated and communicated to maximize his recovery. Kevin’s recovery time was lengthy, but his ongoing rehab at Kindred Rehabilitation Clear Lake was buoyed by the high regard he had for his therapists at Kindred Hospital Clear Lake. “The wound care here is phenomenal,” said Kevin of his experience at KH Clear Lake. “The rehab here is phenomenal.”

Kevin’s therapists continued to make goals and set the bar high during inpatient rehabilitation. By the time of his arrival at Kindred Rehabilitation Clear Lake, Kevin and his therapists were able to set specific goals to prepare for a safe discharge to home.

For Kevin, returning home to his family was always on the horizon. The video makes clear that Kevin’s resilience undoubtedly contributed to the success of his intensive therapy. “You have to have a positive outlook on life,” said Kevin. “That’s what makes you heal.”

Thank you, Kevin, for trusting us with your care and for telling your inspiring story.

By Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services