Medicare has proposed narrower requirements for reimbursements of lower limb prosthetics in an effort to curb fraud, reports the Wall Street Journal. While officials promise that the proposed changes would not hinder accessibility, some in the amputee community are critical of what Medicare is proposing.

The proposed changes could limit coverage for people with certain pre-existing conditions. Coverage for advanced prosthetics might also be denied if a patient cannot walk with the appearance of a natural gait while using the limb.

“We’re really afraid that this will take away the strides made since the 1970s,” said Peggy Chenoweth, spokeswoman for the Amputee Coalition.

Others fear that the new standards could force amputees to downgrade to basic limb models.
Skepticism about the new proposed guidelines has been voiced not only by Medicare beneficiaries but also by other patients who may be affected should private insurers and/or Veterans Affairs choose to adopt Medicare’s proposed changes.

We will continue to provide updates on the proposal. For the full article, read “Medicare’s Proposed Changes on Prosthetics Stirs a Fight” from The Wall Street Journal.


By Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services