We’ve been celebrating physical therapy month all October by sharing videos of happy patients and thanking the talented physical therapists everywhere who transform lives every day by restoring function. We also think it’s critical to educate consumers and providers on all of the facets of physical therapy.

Recovering from ACL surgery or a serious car accident is generally a clear indicator for physical therapy. But there are other times when it isn’t obvious that you, a patient or a loved one could benefit from PT. It is important to remember that while physical therapy is often crucial following an injury or accident, PT is not only for injuries and accidents.

Additionally, a referral is never required to see a physical therapist, although a survey from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) showed that 70% of people think a referral is necessary.

Physical therapy can be very effective when you need:

Pain Relief for a Chronic Condition

Carpal tunnel, lower back pain and more can be helped by physical therapy. Expert pain management can reduce the need for long-term medicines.

An Alternative to Surgery

Depending on the condition, physical therapy may present a viable alternative to surgery. Whether surgery can be avoided must be determined by professionals, but it’s important to evaluate the potential effectiveness of physical therapy before making a decision.

To Reduce Fall Risk and Complications of Chronic Conditions

Physical therapists can design tailored exercise programs that help patients increase flexibility, joint range of motion, balance and strength. Individualized exercise can reduce the risk of falls and help combat chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.

To Heal a Sports Injury or Ache

Athletes know: Not all aches and pains go away. When pain isn’t relieved with over-the-counter meds and the best attempts at Googling for a diagnosis fail, it’s time to have a trained physical therapist evaluate what’s wrong.

Do you think physical therapy might be helpful to you? If you’re in pain or need the expertise only a physical therapist can offer, consider calling a local provider today for an assessment.
By Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services