RehabCare OT Sage Weaver Attends 2025 AOTA Visioning Summit

By Kindred Rehabilitation Services
sage and mWe would like to recognize Sage Weaver, our program director at Kindred Medical Hill in Oakland, California, who recently attended the AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) Visioning Summit in Washington D.C. The AOTA president personally invited Sage and thirty other stand-out occupational therapists from varying settings, experience levels and locations to collaborate in creating the next vision statement for occupational therapy for 2025. Sage shared her insight and thoughts on the experience:

“I believe I was called upon to participate due to my connection with clinical care and for being a relatively recent graduate (I am three years out of school) as they wanted diverse representation so the new vision would relate to all occupational therapists. Much of the conversation we had about the vision for 2025 revolved around how to continue to provide quality care while keeping up with the changing times. We want to stay proactive and take advantage of some of these changes to better support our mission of helping people live life to the fullest. Our practice is evolving in how we provide care (through telecommunication, use of technology and caregiver training with technology) and adapt to the changing demographics of our clients. Looking forward, we’ll be focusing on health, wellness, and prevention as well as habilitation instead of rehabilitation in addition to paying attention to the varying needs of all cultures and diversity.

Occupational therapy has such a unique scope of practice, and we want to make sure our clinicians, researchers, professors, etc. have the resources and access to a wide knowledge base to continue to grow our profession.”

Mary van de Kamp, MS/CCC-SLP, Senior Vice President of Quality for Kindred Rehabilitation Services, was also in attendance to provide her feedback and share her expertise.

Let’s celebrate this amazing honor and congratulate Sage and Mary for representing RehabCare so well at this prestigious event!

Pictured from left to right: Mary Van de Kamp, Senior Vice President of Quality for Kindred Rehabilitation Services, and Sage Weaver, Program Director at Kindred Medical Hill.
By Kindred Rehabilitation Services