rehospitalizations guide

The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University has developed a new guide to help families understand when their loved ones truly need to transfer from a nursing home to a short-term acute care (STAC) hospital to receive care. As Long-Term Living reports, family members have a considerable influence on hospitalization decisions, but sometimes a family may demand hospital care when a hospital isn’t the best or only choice. This can lead to inefficiencies and high costs.

Why do families sometimes insist upon a hospital transfer? “Even when the resident has a palliative condition that can be treated in the nursing home, there are some instances where family members may still demand hospitalization,” says Ruth Tappen, EdD, Christine E. Lynn Eminent Scholar and professor at FAU. “They [family members] might just be uniformed about the actual prognosis of the resident or simply unaware of the treatment options available in the nursing home.”

The guide from FAU was created to help families make educated decisions about where their loved one receives care.
By Kindred Rehabilitation Services