In 2015, Kindred Rehabilitation Services delivered therapy to more than 556,000 patients in the U.S. and Puerto Rico through Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services and each year we share our acute and skilled rehab outcomes to demonstrate the success of our proven program management and the critical role rehab plays in meeting the functional needs of America’s aging population.

Every day 11,000 people become eligible for Medicare, and this figure is expected to almost double by 2030. By 2050, the number of people 85 and older will triple. This means that in coming years, more patients than ever will be in need of rehabilitation. 


Amidst the growing elderly population and in an environment that increasingly rewards value, outcomes have never been more important. This is why delivering our patients and clients the best possible results guides everything we do: Because Outcomes Matter. We’re proud to share our acute and skilled rehab outcomes from 2015:

Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services

• Kindred’s acute rehabilitation units outperformed national benchmarks in successfully discharging more patients to home/community. Our ARU and IRF performance on key quality measures are as follows:


 3 IRF


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By Kindred Rehabilitation Services