Many healthcare providers are seeking support from dedicated rehabilitation partners. Receiving support from a third-party team of rehab experts enables healthcare providers to reach the highest levels of performance in this niche and highly-regulated space. The right partner can help you boost program performance and scale. When evaluating the quality of a potential partner, it is critical to ask 9 key questions.

“Finding the Right Partner: Key Questions to Ask

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Finding the Right Partner: Key Questions to Ask

Further assess the quality of a potential partner by asking targeted questions:

Key Questions Insights
What are your quality metrics? A partner that gets results has an evaluation system that goes beyond the minimal government requirements and that assesses the most important performance benchmarks, such as changes in FIM and PEM, and discharge-to-community rates.
What do you do to decrease patient readmission risks? To effectively minimize readmissions, candidates should have a clear and proven system for maximizing patient readiness for discharge.
How do you drive clinical efficiency? Their answer should list practical actions that have a measurable effect on clinical efficiency.
What is your denial rate? Denials add up to significant expenses for providers. Ideal partners utilize thorough compliance and a successful claim appeal process to obtain a low denial rate.
Do you utilize technology that can flag regulatory issues before they become larger problems? Implementing flagging software can minimize resources devoted to resolving regulatory problems.
How do you promote patient advocacy and improve access to care? Highly-trained clinical liaisons should be prominent figures in partner plans for enhancing both patient access and engagement.
How do you drive patient engagement? Patient engagement is especially essential for effective rehab programs. Successful partners offer proven solutions for improving patient knowledge, engagement and motivation.
How do you promote provider retention and engagement? Optimizing retention is critical, as close to half of disengaged employees plan to leave their jobs within a year. Partners should place special focus on training and career development opportunities where hospital employees report lowest satisfaction rates.5 To combat the critical provider shortage, partners should have access to a strong network of physicians, therapists and nurses.
Do you utilize technology for improving both provider and patient engagement? The latest technologies should be used to enhance engagement among physicians, therapists and the patients themselves. Additionally, tech solutions should be leveraged to enhance communication between providers and their patients.
By Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services