Rehabilitation therapy is more important than ever, especially regarding those affected by COVID-19. This impact of early rehabilitation is demonstrated in two recent COVID-19 patient success stories from Kindred Healthcare partner Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where two survivors were recently discharged – Alan Stolba and Larry Potter.

Both Alan and Larry were admitted to Mercy Medical Center and provided crucial treatment that made it possible for them to get the most out of speech, occupational and physical therapy. These sessions allowed both patients to reach their recovery goals, and created an easier transition from hospital to home.

Both survivors expressed their gratitude for Mercy Medical Center’s rehabilitation services and are grateful to return home to family and work.

A recent study published by the Journal for Rehabilitation Management noted that the role of medical rehabilitation is valuable in the recovery of COVID-19 survivors, helping enhance pulmonary, respiratory function, reduce complications, and improve function, cognitive impairments and quality of life.

As more hospitals begin early rehabilitation for COVID-19 survivors, their progress will continue to increase. Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services is proud to partner with facilities throughout the nation and be a part of the recovery of COVID-19 survivors.

See below to read more about our recent success stories:


Role of Rehabilitation in Pandemics, published in the April 9, 2020, edition of the Journal of Rehabilitation Management

By Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services