While an organization’s mission is crucial for success, upholding company values is what motivates employees to deliver on that mission day in and day out, and provide excellent care to the patients they serve. At Kindred, we are proud of what our Six Core Values represent for our patients, staff, partners and the communities we serve. Just like no two communities are the same, no two of our hospital partners are the same. Together, with each partner, we develop a shared culture of excellence that helps us provide a superior patient and employee experience.

Our Core Values extend far beyond their initial meaning. By focusing on each of these values, we aim to create a positive, uplifting and unified culture that allows us to become even better partners, colleagues and clinicians, all while providing the highest quality care.

By living out each Core Value, we are then able to:

  • Stay Focused on the Patient 
    Through regulatory changes, bed capacity fluctuations, visitor restriction adaptations and more, our team has remained focused on what matters most: the patient. By staying consistent in prioritizing each patient’s needs, we have been able to meet and exceed quality outcomes.
  • Do the Right Thing Always
    With an interdisciplinary team approach tailored to each rehabilitation program’s specific needs, our team members are able to do the right thing by the patient and provide quality care to help them meet their recovery goals – leading to positive patient experience and outcomes.
  • Be Kinder Than Expected
    The past year has further highlighted the compassion and dedication of our staff members, as they have worked to spread kindness through words and actions. As an organization, we make a point to intentionally celebrate employee dedication through awards, including employee of the month, Core Value Champion and quality recognitions.
  • Create Fun in What You Do
    Now more than ever, finding moments of happiness and fun have proven vital for not only a patient’s road to recovery, but also every team member’s ability to deliver on our mission of providing hope and healing, despite the challenges and stresses brought on by the pandemic.
  • Give Your Best
    The value of giving your best has been exemplified even more so throughout the many challenges over the past year. By giving our best through program optimization, keeping patients connected with family and friends through virtual technology, having flexibility as facility needs change, maintaining the highest levels of infection control protocols and so much more, team members have continued to bring their very best for each patient, partner and unique need during the pandemic.
  • Respect Individuality to Create the Team
    The quality outcomes we’ve produced with our partner facilities could not be achieved without understanding that each member of the clinical staff plays a vital role in the patient care journey.

Each of these values plays an essential role in a hospital’s day-to-day operations, whether its motivating employees, inspiring patients, or ensuring optimal care is delivered. None of these initiatives would be possible without a shared mission between Kindred and our partner facilities. We value our partners’ mission and ensure the culture of each facility reflects that mission so we can best address the unique needs of their community.

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Kindreds Core Values

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