There is nothing more important to us than the success of our acute rehabilitation management partners. They entrust us to deliver hope, healing and recovery to their patients, and our Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is an important indicator of the value we bring.

A key measure of a customer's overall perception of an organization is largely determined by its Net Promoter Score. NPS is a leader in indicating an organization’s growth - providing the best anchor for a customer experience management program. Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services (KHRS) has been a participant of the NPS survey since 2018 with a very solid benchmark score of 47.8. Since then we have made a company-wide effort to see continuous increase in the score and are proud to now exceed trailblazers including Publix (80) and Costco (74) in providing client experience excellence with a score of 82.

Each year we receive feedback from our partners and enact a plan to improve or enhance our overall level of service provided. With this, we lean on our Four Pillars of Excellence to measure the impact through NPS and ensure we continually provide value.

“Our passion for delivering outstanding patient care and excellent clinical outcomes is steeped in every action we take. Building a partner-centric approach using the Four Pillars of Excellence and measuring its impact through NPS ensures we continually provide value to our partners.”
- Mary Van de Kamp, SVP, Quality and Care Management

Meeting the needs of our partners has proven to be even more pressing as COVID-19 impacts hospitals and rehabilitation programs across the country, creating the need for immediate action and flexibility at the forefront, and continued support as the pandemic continues. Through increased collaboration, access to real-time national data and flexibility we helped our partners produce high-quality patient outcomes and strengthen their service offerings even through the pandemic.

Our client-centric culture includes:

  • Standardizing an approach to capture and discuss strategy and performance against the annual business plan on a quarterly basis with key executives
  • Integrating Kindred’s national resources and best-in-class industry experts to help optimize each partner’s program
  • Creating multiple points of client feedback to drive innovation, uncover areas of opportunity and strengthen relationships
  • Client-centric, partnership dialogue and focus on the Four Pillars of Excellence in every internal leadership meeting and initiative allowing us to adjust to the changing environment and needs of partners quickly

Partner satisfaction and success continues to be a top priority and we are grateful for the opportunity to maintain strong and positive relationships as we work together to help patients across the country reach their highest level of function.

“There is nothing more important to us than the success of our partners. They entrust us to deliver hope, healing and recovery to their patients, and our Net Promoter Scores guide us along the way. Achieving a world-class NPS score shows we are delivering on our promise to our clients. I am so proud of the team, our client-centric culture, and the relationships we have with our partners.”
- Laird Smithson, Chief Operating Officer, KHRS

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By Kindred Rehabilitation