Improving COVID Outcomes

Health systems have found significant quality improvements and cost savings through joint-venture and acute rehabilitation management partnership. COVID-19 further highlighted the importance of having an expert rehabilitation partner to help meet increasing demand while continuing to provide excellent outcomes.

Hear from Kindred Rehabilitation Services President Russ Bailey, and Mary Van de Kamp, Senior Vice President, Quality and Care Management, to learn how strategic partnerships have benefited acute care hospitals and will continue to do so even after the pandemic subsides.

Q: How can strategic partnerships offer more key benefits and relief to hospitals than ever before?

Ruse Bailey: Throughout the national health emergency, strategic partnerships have continued to provide essential resources and benefits to health systems. Partnering with a rehabilitation management expert allows hospitals to focus on what they do best, which is delivering critical care.

Mary Van de Kamp: Further, the extensive treatment criteria provided by inpatient rehabilitation hospitals or acute rehabilitation units is defined more than any other post-acute setting in terms of specialized nursing and a medical model aligned with frequent physician visits.

Q: How do partnerships between hospitals and acute inpatient rehabilitation units benefit COVID-19 patient recovery?

Russ Bailey: Through these strategic partnerships, patients have seen the positive impacts firsthand due to improved operations and program optimization aimed at providing efficient and effective care. Patients have been able to move quickly and seamlessly to acute inpatient rehabilitation, where they are mobilizing earlier, allowing for a quicker recovery and fewer downstream complications.

Q: How have Kindred partner hospitals performed throughout COVID-19 compared to other providers?

Russ Bailey: Kindred partner hospitals have continued to show tremendous resilience and predictability in an otherwise unpredictable environment due to COVID-19. This is further demonstrated in recent data showing that compared to UDS, the national database for inpatient rehabilitation, during the pandemic Kindred managed facilities experienced:

  • Higher rates of discharge to community
  • Greater functional efficiency gains
  • Shorter length of stays
  • Lower rehospitalization rates

*Data from April 2020 – January 2021

Outperforming Benchmarks Through Partnership

Through expertise and support from a joint-venture or acute rehabilitation management agreement, Kindred partner hospitals have been able to achieve strong clinical performance through best practices and protocols.

Although the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the industry as a whole, Kindred is ready to help its partners navigate the continued challenges ahead, while remaining focused on the patient through excellent clinical and quality outcomes.

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By Kindred Rehabilitation