A recent article by Becker’s Hospital Review highlights a 2021 survey detailing the substantial rise in children experiencing behavioral health illnesses and why parents are increasingly quitting their jobs in order to care for their children’s needs.1 Nearly 70 percent of the 600 surveyed individuals reported their children have been experiencing behavioral health issues since 2016.

Further, 21 percent of parents stated that they have voluntarily quit their jobs in the last year or are planning to quit their jobs in the year ahead to better care for their children's behavioral health needs.

The top five behavioral health issues in children were reported to be:

  • Sleep issues,
  • Anxiety,
  • Lack of focus,
  • Tantrums and
  • Aggression

When it came to the parents of these children, 60 percent stated that they have experienced their own mental health challenges brought on by the stress of managing their children's behavioral health needs. These include: anxiety, sleep issues and relationship problems.

This domino effect of mental and behavioral health issues among children and their parents can often spill over into a parent’s work life, causing loss of productivity, disengagement and increased turnover at work. When asked what could aid in improved behavioral health, the surveyed parents noted that in addition to having more flexibility at work to enable them to care for their children, having increased access to behavioral health specialists would be optimal for both themselves and their family’s overall health.

One way hospitals are effectively meeting the rise in behavioral health need is by integrating or expanding behavioral health services within their care continuum. To learn how Kindred Behavioral Health can effectively integrate this form of care into your hospital's existing care continuum, visit KindredBehavioralHealth.com.


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