Between surges caused by the pandemic, caregiver burnout and the rise of medically complex and critically ill patients, healthcare staffing has never been more challenging. While hiring is often the focus to address shortages, it is only a stopgap.

To help address the issue at hand, health systems are looking at the short- and long-term strategies to help ensure the right talent is hired and retained.

Read more to uncover analysis from industry leaders including Fortune and Deloitte, and expert insight from Kindred Rehabilitation Services’ CMO, Sally Brooks, on what is to be expected in the upcoming year surrounding staff recruitment and retention and how hospitals can prepare.

Addressing the rapid rise of staff shortages and burnout

In a Fortune/Deloitte survey, health system CEOs noted that their biggest obstacle to tackle this year is staff recruitment and retention.1

“The overall outlook of the healthcare staffing shortage is grim, but can be substantially improved if prompt action is taken within a hospital,” stated Dr. Brooks. “For the short-term outlook, staff are simply burned out from COVID’s impact and the continued strain on bed capacity and nursing ratios. The long-term outlook should be viewed as a national priority as health systems need to determine if they can deliver the same high quality care with constrained resources.”

Dr. Brooks also stated that employees need to see and understand the value they bring to the organization. They can feel supported through educational and support programs as well as emotional and cultural resources.

“Staff want to feel like they are being nurtured professionally and cared for personally because if there is one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that mental and emotional support is vital for long-term health especially among our healthcare workers.”

Now more than ever, employee engagement and satisfaction are critical to overall program performance and the hospital’s ability to meet the needs of the community. Through a strategic partnership with a post-acute expert, hospitals can help optimize their operations as a whole – aiding in superior patient and facility outcomes as well as improved employee satisfaction and retention.

Read our white paper, “Top five trends for 2022: Your hospital’s guide to improved performance” to learn more about the trends expected to impact the post-acute space in the coming years and how Kindred can help your hospital prepare.


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By Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services