Patient Success Stories
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Patient Success Stories

Kindred Rehabilitation wants the hospital or facility we partner with to become an acute rehabilitation destination of choice for patients, driven by culture and results. Our expertly-trained clinicians provide comprehensive care based on each patient’s unique circumstances and needs, resulting in optimal outcomes and minimal hospital readmissions.

George – Looking Forward After a Workplace Explosion

A workplace explosion nearly claimed his life – George is now looking forward to the future.

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Carolyn – Retired RN Regains Independence

Before she had to undergo radical amputation of her lower leg and foot, Carolyn, a retired RN, used to enjoy travelling and spending time with her family and friends. Unfortunately, the life she was enjoying came to a standstill last summer when she found herself facing a future filled with uncertainty and challenges she never imagined.

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Kyle's Story: A Miraculous Recovery

A few months before his wedding, Kyle began noticing a ringing in his ears. Then an MRI discovered a brain tumor. Soon Kyle lost the ability to talk, walk and eat on his own. Doctors told his fiancée to start looking for a nursing home for Kyle because he would never get better. Then he was transferred to a Kindred acute rehabilitation unit (ARU) to try and regain some level of functioning. “It was certainly a team effort and everyone’s input was important,” his physician said.

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Shari's Story: Bouncing Back From Stroke

In 2015, Shari suffered a stroke. She was transferred to Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital Northeast Houston where her stroke recovery and pain management began. She began to regain her independence and confidence one step at a time.

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Marc's Story: Recovery After a Stroke 

Marc had two strokes following surgery for neck cancer. The strokes made it nearly impossible for him to speak or move, and the surgery had removed some of his “swallow muscles,” which only added to his difficulties. He came to Kindred in an ambulance.

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Kelly's Story: Running Mom Loses Ability to Walk

Kelly Ford, a wife, mother of two children and exercise physiologist becomes increasingly debilitated by an undiagnosed and unexplained neurological disorder. Finally, after becoming paralyzed from the neck down, Kelly and her family turned to Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital Clear Lake. In a matter of weeks, Kelly was walking again and back to taking care of her family.

This is her story, in her words.