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Acute Care Therapy Management

Acute care providers typically view therapy services as one of just many healthcare deliverables. We view therapy as the common thread present through every aspect of patient care, from hospital to acute rehab to long-term acute care to skilled nursing facility to outpatient therapy and to home health.

Where an acute care facility might measure therapist productivity by how much therapy is delivered each day, they often fail to track the number of patients seen or the types of therapy delivered, much less utilization or productivity data. This can lead to inefficiencies in an already costly service, sometimes resulting in an under-delivery of care or care provided by someone over-qualified. That’s why we think it makes sense for acute care providers to team with a trusted partner for the delivery and management of therapy services within their hospitals.

Kindred Rehabilitation, the nation’s largest provider of therapy services, brings a level of expertise to acute care rehabilitation that results in therapy delivered at the right time in a patient’s stay to optimize his or her functional potential at discharge. Our patients receive the appropriate placement and resources, and we provide rehabilitation services to them in a cost-mindful and clinically proven manner.

With Kindred Rehabilitation, you aren’t just partnering with a therapy staffing program. You are aligning your efforts with a manager of rehabilitation services and expert at making clinically appropriate decisions about patient care, including:

  • What therapy services patients receive
  • When they receive them
  • Who delivers them and
  • How positively patients experience them

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