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Outpatient Therapy Management

The goal of therapy services in an outpatient environment is to try a course of treatment prior to an inpatient rehab stay, or provide a continued course of therapy treatment after a medical/surgical event or inpatient rehab stay.

The goal of the hospital providing this service is to deliver it as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible, all while navigating the associated challenges around regulations, reimbursement, operations, marketing, referral development and community education. It’s a daunting task, one that leads many hospitals to Kindred Rehabilitation.

Kindred Rehabilitation, the nation’s largest provider of therapy services, brings proven expertise to outpatient rehabilitation that results in improved clinical outcomes for patients and improved financial performance for our partnering hospitals.

Our patients receive the appropriate placement and resources, and we provide rehabilitation services to them in a cost-mindful and clinically proven manner.

With Kindred Rehabilitation, you aren’t just partnering with a therapy staffing program. You are aligning your efforts with a manager of rehabilitation services and expert at making clinically appropriate decisions about patient care, including:

  • What therapy services patient receive
  • When they receive them
  • Who delivers them and
  • How positively patients experience them