Technology and Operations Tools

Leading-edge Technology

Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services provides access to some of the industry’s leading technology solutions, including some programs that are proprietary to Kindred and not offered by any competitors.


RehabView is a proprietary application created by Kindred to mine and take advantage of our wealth of data resources. The application allows us to aggregate disparate sets of data to examine a specific hospital, health system or geographic area.  RehabView is most often used to display utilization patterns over time – in both the acute and post-acute realms – and  analyze current opportunities and project future demand.  These analyses provide our clients and operators with useful information for their strategic advantage. Everything from market share to clinical alignment to service placement and network development is illustrated through reliable data.


SmartTx is a point-of-care mobile iPod/iPad application used by therapists across all of our sites of service. By having a reliable device at their fingertips, our therapists are able to manage their daily activities efficiently and accurately. The ability to log patient documentation at the point of care is critical because it increases the amount of time therapists can spend with patients. SmartTx also allows for comprehensive assessments and evaluation of patients and ensures that key areas are addressed during medical review.

SmartTx grants our highly mobile therapists and assistants the ability to:

  • Record treatment information in real-time 
  • Document patient progress notes 
  • Manage patient appointment schedules 
  • Record time and attendance 
  • Manage payroll approval 

Project Red Alert

Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services is developing a new application through Project Red Alert that will allow staff to utilize smartphones, tablets and desktop computers to conduct the pre-admission screening (PAS) process and automate the post-admission physician evaluation (PAPE).

Rewriting the PAS will streamline the data entry process and provide email and “pop-up” alerts via mobile application for a more desirable user experience with the goal of establishing a more timely compliance process.

Providing an electronic version of the PAPE with alerts and approvals creates opportunity for increased compliance with PAPE completions.

A future version of the tool will provide an optional Apple iWatch feature for alerts. This application is expected to roll out in April 2016.

Delivery Engine

The Kindred Rehabilitation Services Delivery Engine (DE) is an automated, configurable and flexible file delivery solution for our customers. The DE provides both secure email and secure FTP delivery that can be customized to the needs of our customer. The DE allows both delivery methods and delivery recipients to be determined by file type on a per customer basis. In addition to being configurable, the DE allows our billing department to track, resend, and provide details on files delivered to our customers. This allows us to provide our customers with an optimal user experience. The DE allows Kindred Rehabilitation Services a seamless and automated solution to meet all of our current and future customers’ file delivery needs.