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The Leading Rehabilitation Management Partner

Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services is one of the largest providers of rehabilitation therapy in the country. We deliver high-quality patient outcomes in 300 hospital-based acute rehabilitation, medical/surgical and outpatient therapy settings and almost 30 joint-venture inpatient rehabilitation hospitals.

We see over 160,000 patients per year and are the largest contract manager of hospital-based acute rehabilitation programs in the nation.

We help our partners:

  • Achieve greater patient access through our long-standing clinical knowledge and best practices from a wealth of outcomes data.
  • Engage and motivate patients, and improve administrative and operational processes through intuitive technology.
  • Relieve the burden of running rehab through deep rehab expertise and 30+ years of specialized experience.

Our national network brings unparalleled support and expertise to our partners through:

  • A National Medical Advisory Board and over 100 Acute Rehabilitation Facility Medical Directors
  • 180 clinical intake personnel nationwide
  • More than 4,000 therapists


Patient engagement drives recovery and high-quality outcomes. Kindred Rehabilitation’s RehabTracker app drives patient engagement. RehabTracker’s technology allows therapy teams to put the patient at the center of recovery. With real-time tracking of goals and the ability to share progress with loved ones, patients are motivated and engaged to reach their fullest potential.

Watch the video to learn more.

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