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Critical Care After the ICU

Dr. Sean Muldoon, Chief Medical Officer of Kindred Healthcare's Hospital Division, explains how long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) are specially designed to help critically ill patients who require extended recovery time.

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When and where to discharge high acuity patients is a challenging, case-by-case process. Our specially skilled transitional care hospital team can be the right partner if your patients have been in an ICU, CCU, medical surgical unit, or who are chronically ill and readmit to the hospital frequently.

If your patient isn’t recovering quickly, contact us early for a patient assessment. Our Registered Nurse Advocates are available 24/7 to discuss the care options and setting that might be right for your patients and their families. We can even begin the process of transitioning them to the Kindred facility that best fits their needs.

How will I know if my patient needs LTAC level care?

Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals specialize in caring for patients who:

  • Require Acute care services as determined by a physician assessment and subsequent documentation
  • Cannot be treated effectively in the home or a lower level of care
  • Have multiple complexities the require daily intervention by a physician

What are the triggers for LTAC level care that I should look for in my patients?

  • Length of stay in short-term acute care is approaching 4 days or greater
  • Length of stay in an ICU is approaching 3-5 days
  • Patient is medically complex with multiple co-morbidities
  • Patient would benefit from continued high-intensity nursing and medical monitoring and/or daily physician visits
  • Patient has returned to the emergency room
  • Patient requires longer recovery in acute care due to:
    – More time to successfully wean from a ventilator
    – An infection requiring continued treatment
    – Multiple organs being affected by the illness
    – Malnutrition being present despite adequate intake
    – Loss of functional ability

What additional services do Kindred Hospitals provide?

We provide services that may include but are not limited to complex respiratory and ventilator weaning, complicated pulmonary infections, wound care, infectious disease care, and rehabilitation. Learn more about the types of care we offer.