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Short-Term Rehabilitation

When you leave the hospital, you often need additional care to help extend your recovery. Our skilled and experienced team offers a wide array of rehabilitation therapies to help you regain function and safely return home or to the next level of care as quick as your recovery allows. 

With our transitional healthcare, you’ll benefit from specialized assessment of your condition, innovative therapy techniques and individual treatment to meet your goals and abilities. 

Your care team is made up of:  

  • Consulting physician specialists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Rehabilitation therapists (physical, occupational and speech)
  • Social workers
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Case managers

We may be able to help if you need care for: 

  • Post-stroke recovery
  • Hip fracture/replacement
  • Knee or other joint replacement
  • Neurological illnesses (Parkinson’s disease, etc.)
  • Cardiac or respiratory ailments
  • Tracheotomy weaning
  • Post-acute COPD episode
  • Post ventilator care
  • Post open heart (grafts, valves, stints)