Post-Hospital Care in the Home

If you or a loved one has undergone or is planning a hospital stay, Kindred at Home can provide a full range of post-hospital services to help with recovery. We can transport you home from the hospital or other care facility, if needed, and remain for support after getting you settled in. There are three major areas where our professional caregivers can have a major impact on health, safety and well-being with a focus on post-hospital care.

Medication Reminders when Home from the Hospital

Research has shown that about half of prescribed medications aren’t taken as directed. This common problem causes increased hospitalizations and numerous health complications. There are several reasons that people do not take their medications as prescribed, and it’s not always from simply forgetting:

  • They don’t like the side effects.
  • They think they don’t need the drug.
  • They are feeling better.
  • They feel the drug isn’t working.

With a personal care attendant during a post-hospital period, the client will receive medication reminders, along with tracking logs to confirm that the reminders were made, to help keep medication regimens on track. This encourages optimal compliance, especially when multiple medications and varying schedules are involved.

Staying Mobile Following a Hospitalization

Staying mobile is important, even while in the hospital, and is especially important after returning home. And there are multiple reasons for this.

  • Reduces the likelihood of muscle atrophy
  • Helps prevent blood clots and bed sores
  • Decreases potential for delirium

Being immobile for even a few days can lead to functional decline, slowing recovery. Encouragement to move about is often necessary, and the patient is more likely to put in the effort if she feels safe while doing so.

Preventing Falls

One of the last things anyone wants to have happen following a hospital stay, is to suffer a fall after returning home, and possibly end back up in the hospital, or worse. Clearly, it will take time to fully recover. Attentive care can help prevent falls and recover strength while assisting with mobility and daily living activities. It provides peace of mind for family members who are unavailable to be present during the person’s full recovery.

We are here to provide whatever level of support you need, and are devoted to the total health and happiness of each client.

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