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Bessie: A Seamless Recovery Across the Continuum of Care Kindred’s presence across the post-acute spectrum of care means that our patients can recover as fully as possible in the proper care setting. Bessie’s story is a good example. She was living comfortable at home in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and using a Bi-PAP machine when she developed respiratory distress.

On January 3, she was admitted to a short-term acute care hospital. There she was placed on a ventilator and underwent a tracheostomy. She also developed pneumonia, renal dysfunction and hypertension. Because she was unable to wean from the ventilator, Bessie’s physician chose to transfer her to Kindred Hospital Louisville for continued care.

At Kindred Hospital Louisville, Bessie was successfully weaned from the ventilator. She recovered from her pneumonia  and her renal function improved significantly. By this point Bessie had gained strength with the help of physical, speech and occupational therapy, but her recovery was not complete.

So it was time to transfer to Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Rolling Hills in New Albany, Indiana. Bessie arrived there on February 9. She was still in a weakened state, with her tracheostomy in place and a G-tube for nutritional support.

Bessie’s goal was to return home as soon as possible. The center’s case manager, working with the rehabilitation team, put her on an aggressive care plan, and Bessie quickly began showing signs of further improvement. On March 16, she had her trach removed and on March 18 her G-tube was removed.

After 42 days at Rolling Hills, Bessie returned home to Jeffersonville. She said, “I think rehab and the facility are #1! I owe my going home to the therapy team. They seem to really care for the patients. They were always smiling, joking and very upbeat, which enabled me to be at ease.”

By Ryan Squire