In an attempt to recruit new therapists, RehabCare, a contract rehabilitation company in Louisville, Ky., developed a free CEU course on orthopedics. The course was held in Chicago on January 24th. “We’re always looking for innovative, creative ways to reach out to therapists and let them know who we are,” says J.D. Miller, recruiter, RehabCare. “We had a need for therapists in the greater Chicago area, and we saw this as an opportunity to attract a large number of therapists so we could get them familiar with our organization.”

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The course was initially planned for 40 participants. “There were 70+ therapists who attended,” Miller says. “Our presenter said it was the biggest turnout she’d ever seen. We had such positive results from the first course that we planned a second one for February 9.” The second event had 43 attendees.

The first course was presented by Judy Freyermuth, PT Clinical Specialist, Kindred Healthcare. “The course covered several orthopedic topics, such as knee replacement, hip replacement and hip fractures, so it attracted a wide variety of people,” says Freyermuth. “Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants from inpatient care settings, home care, long-term care, and outpatient pediatrics participated. The people who attended were very well engaged, so we were able to really talk about the care of the patient in each setting. When people are engaged in sharing, everyone learns a little something from everyone else, which lends itself to better learning,” she says.

In addition to providing valuable continuing education to Chicago-area therapists, RehabCare’s efforts to recruit new therapists seem to have paid off. Following the first course, they were able to fill three open positions at a facility in Chicago. “I’ve interviewed a few more therapists that we may end up hiring, as well,” Miller says.

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