Sally Brooks, MD

 Sally Brooks, MD


Kindred Healthcare’s medical advisory boards provide valuable information that helps Kindred keep up with current trends in medicine and improve patient care. “We have two types of medical advisory boards,” says Sally Brooks M.D, Vice President, Physician and Medical Development, Kindred Healthcare. “Each of our three divisions—Hospital, Nursing Center, and RehabCare—has an advisory board. In addition, we have local advisory boards in markets where we’re providing high-acuity care.”

Kindred’s medical advisory boards are comprised of physicians who care for patients in Kindred facilities, and physicians who provide care to patients who may need post-acute care after leaving an acute care facility. “We’re always trying to fill a community need,” Brooks says. “One of the ways we find out what types of services are needed is by talking to physicians who take care of patients within the community. For example, if doctors in a particular area are providing acute transplant care, it’s likely that those patients will need rehab care when they leave the acute care facility. Our medical advisory boards will let us know that there’s a community need for that type of program so we can develop protocols and training programs for our staff to make sure we’re comfortable and competent to take care of these types of patients,” she says.

Kindred’s medical advisory boards also assist with the development of patient care protocols. “Our advisory boards are made up of experts who provide input on clinical best practices to help us raise our quality of care,” says Brooks. “They also advise us on how to really run our facilities in a high quality, cost-effective way.”

Brooks says that in addition to improving quality of care, the medical advisory boards benefit patients by providing day-to-day input on what types of things impact patient care. “It goes beyond quality,” she says. “It’s about improving the overall patient experience.

Medical Advisory Boards Help Kindred Improve Quality of Patient Care