National Hospital Week, a celebration of hospital history, technology and staff, is May 6-12. So this seems like the perfect time to recognize some of the Kindred Healthcare Hospital Division’s recent successes.

Honoring National Hospital Week by Noting Recent Successes Over the last several years, Kindred’s Hospital Division has been working diligently to reduce acute care hospital readmissions. “Once patients have been transferred to one of our facilities, it’s our goal to provide them with all of the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that will take them through to the next level of care, which is hopefully home,” says Jeffrey Winter, President, Kindred Healthcare Hospital Division. “There’s always a risk involved with transitions of care, so the more we can provide for our patients without sending them back to an acute care hospital, the better.”

The Kindred Hospital Division has developed a systematic approach to help them reduce acute care hospital readmissions. “During interdisciplinary team meetings, we review every case that required readmission and see how we can improve,” says Winter.  “Do we need more staff? Additional staff training? Is there a new technology or procedure we could be offering? The meetings give us an opportunity to discuss what we can do better.”

As part of their efforts to reduce readmissions, the Kindred Healthcare Hospital Division is also preparing to roll out a national program designed to improve communication with patients and physicians. “The objective of this initiative is to make sure patients understand the long-term acute care experience even prior to admission,” says Winter. “We’ll discuss with them the types of treatments they’ll receive and length of stay. We’ll also begin transitioning them to the next level of care post-discharge right from the beginning.”

As a result of their efforts, the Kindred Hospital Division has reduced readmission rates by 8 percent over the last several years. “We’re at 11.7 percent now and still improving,” Winter says. “Our goal is 10 percent or less.”

Honoring National Hospital Week by Noting Recent Successes