Experienced nurses in Kindred’s Nursing Center Division play a key role in education and staff development of new nurses and other staff members. “Each of our facilities has a Staff Development Coordinator,” says Barbara Baylis, RN, MSN, Senior Vice President of Clinical and Residential Services, Kindred Healthcare. “That position is filled by an RN who is responsible for coordinating the education of both clinical and non-clinical staff.”Kindred's Longtime Nurses Play an Important Part in Educating Newer Nurses

One of the Staff Development Coordinator’s job duties is to provide orientation to new staff. “New employees start with a general orientation,” Baylis says. “We have standardized tools and resources available at the division level to assist with orientation. Those tools are also designed to make sure we’re meeting all regulatory requirements. After the general orientation, employees are required to complete a job-specific orientation where they’re paired up with an experienced staff member with the same job duties.”

Another part of the Staff Development Coordinator’s position is to provide ongoing education and training. “Some ongoing training is again based on regulatory requirements,” says Baylis. “For example, we’re required to provide training about things like infection control, nutritional needs of the elderly, avoiding abuse and neglect, and resident rights at least once a year. Some of the training is done via computer, and some is done through inservices that are offered across shifts. Many of our employees also have licenses or certifications that require them to have a certain number of continuing education units in a given time period. We try to provide them with resources that will make it easier for them to meet those requirements.”

Nurses Play an Important Part in Educating Newer NursesKindred’s Nursing Center Division has a Learning Management System that helps track staff education. “When an employee takes a computer course or attends an inservice, it’s recorded by the system,” Baylis says. “It also keeps track of when licenses are about to expire so we can send alerts to employees.”