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October 21-27 is Respiratory Care Week, a week set aside to recognize respiratory therapists for their hard work and dedication. “The respiratory therapists at Kindred provide a wide range of respiratory care to patients with complex respiratory disorders and other extensive medical complexities,” says Kelly Bailey, Area Director of Respiratory Care, Kindred Healthcare. “Our respiratory therapists add value and expertise to the interdisciplinary team through the development, utilization, and implementation of best clinical practices and standardization.”

The respiratory therapists at Kindred are licensed practitioners with extensive experience in managing acute and chronic respiratory disorders. Many come from short-term acute care environments and have experience in intensive care. “Kindred is recognized for its expertise in the management of pulmonary disease, and the respiratory therapists are an integral part of that management and of the success achieved through specialized programs such as ventilator and airway management, respiratory protocols, pulmonary conditioning, and weaning,” says Bailey.

“Our interdisciplinary approach to care, and involvement from our respiratory therapists, are key to our success in maintaining high wean rates, and to achieving our goal of helping patients to regain their independence.”

Kindred promotes innovation in respiratory care with ongoing efforts to enhance and improve clinical practice through clinical impact symposiums, facility level training, and through its National Respiratory Care Council. The council reviews best practices and standards of care, and develops policies and protocols with input from area directors and frontline therapists. In 2012, Kindred held a clinical impact symposium titled “Respiratory Care Across the Continuum,” which attracted both leaders and direct patient care providers. What was learned at the symposium was carried down to the facility level.

Respiratory Care Week Celebrates Those Who Help Others Breathe Better

By Sophia Kroon