RehabCare Gets Smarter With Mobile Application

By Ryan Squire
RehabCare Gets Smarter With Mobile Application Timeliness. Legibility. Objective terminology. Those are just some of the features of SmartTX mobile technology, which made its debut in the RehabCare Division in September, 2012. The patient care tracking application can be used on Apple iPads, iPhones and iPods, which are provided to employees using the technology. SmartTX was demonstrated on the iPad mini at Kindred’s fourth Clinical Impact Symposium – Care Across the Continuum.


SmartTX has already proven to be invaluable at the point of care and beyond. The application, now in use at all nursing facility locations and most hospitals, optimizes patient care and scheduling. Built-in information filters in the program ensure that treatment plans are compatible with the patient’s diagnosis information and health care coverage.

In addition to tracking patient care, therapists now have their schedules at their fingertips, and program directors can make assignments to specific therapists. Documentation is possible throughout the patients’ length of stay in an objective, measurable manner.

“Smart allows for continuity throughout a patient’s care,” said Jane Moffett, a representative from Casamba, the company that developed the technology. “When the patient comes back in, you’re going to have all of the clinical documentation, including what was done, what worked, what didn’t and who was the main treating therapist.”

Ms. Moffett likened Smart to a “data warehouse.” And another useful feature of the technology is the skilled libraries it offers, she said. This feature allows therapists to describe what they did for the patient in their own terms, and the libraries will suggest the correct clinical terminology for documentation – truly smart.

Mobile technology is not new to RehabCare, which began using devices like Palm Pilots and iPAQS in 2000. In its hospital facilities, RehabCare has been using iPhones for pre-admission screening for almost three years. Automating the process on the iPhones reduced a process that used to take hours to less than an hour.

RehabCare implemented SmartTX gradually, beginning with ten locations and ultimately outfitting 200 to 250 locations per month toward the end of the project. Members of the IT team met weekly to ensure smooth installations and learn from each stage of the program’s deployment.

Smart technology lives up to its name, said Ms. Moffett. “It leads the therapist down the garden path.”