Residents Benefit from Activities in Multiple Ways

By Sophia Kroon

Residents Benefit from Activities in Multiple Ways is an excellent time for facilities to get the word out to the community, to residents and even to employees about what activity professionals do,” he says.

All Kindred facilities provide physical, psychosocial, spiritual and religious activities to residents. “The more people stay active and participate in life, the better their outcomes will be,” says Charnock. “We offer a variety of activities, such as church services, exercise programs, Tai Chi and laugh therapy. We also offer culinary programs, such as cooking demos and in-house lunches that the residents prepare themselves.”

Charnock says that from a physical standpoint, one of the major benefits of activity is a reduction in falls. “Activity helps people get around better, even if they’re using a walker or a cane,” he says. “It also helps our residents to maintain their independence longer.” Activity also has psychological benefits. “Participating in activities, whether it’s inside the facility or out, can increase feelings of self-worth,” says Charnock. “There used to be a perception that people would go to a nursing home to die rather than to live, but that’s changed over the last several years. Sometimes people who didn’t go out much or have any friends in the home setting thrive when they move into the nursing home and start taking part in activities.”

According to Charnock, the role of the activity professional has also changed over the years. “We used to be the fun and games,” he says. “People joked that we were the three Bs – Bingo, Birthdays and Bible study. Now we’re an integral part of the interdisciplinary team.”