A strategic plan that is articulated in Mission, Vision and Value statements can fail when companies become distracted by the challenges of day-to-day operations. Removing barriers to a plan’s success was one of the aspects of a presentation by Barbara Baylis, Senior Vice President, Clinical and Residential Services for Kindred’s Nursing Center Division, and expert Brian Lassiter, president of Performance Excellence Network.

Their presentation, How Prepared Are You for the Future? Addressing Challenges and Capitalizing on Opportunities, was featured at the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) Quality Symposium in San Antonio, Texas on February 11-13.


 Photo courtesy of: http://www.ahcancal.org/events/qualitysymposium/pages/default.aspx. Photo courtesy of: http://www.ahcancal.org/events/qualitysymposium/pages/default.aspx.


Baylis and Lassiter discussed the importance of strategic planning to achieving and sustaining performance excellence. She provided examples of proven best practices learned over 20 years in the industry.

Strategic planning focuses on what the organization needs to do, be and/or have in order to realize its vision. “The key elements of strategic planning are identifying future challenges, opportunities and advantages. Strategic objectives also need to be accompanied by deployable action plans that have clear responsibilities, timeframes, goals, and performance measurements such as a Balance Scorecard,” says Baylis.

According to Baylis, the symposium offered networking opportunities and exposure to cutting-edge research and innovations in the field of nursing home care. For example, another presenter argued that alarming beds and chairs were counterproductive and provided ideas and strategies for eliminating alarms while improving patient safety. Her research showed that falls actually increased with alarms because staff became dependent on them as a warning system and the noise from the alarms further disoriented the patients.

Baylis was recently named the 2012 recipient of the prestigious Mary K. Ousley Champion of Quality Award by AHCA. She is responsible for all aspects of clinical compliance and quality improvement through Kindred’s nursing and rehabilitation centers. Under her guidance, Kindred centers have reported improved quality outcomes year after year.

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Photo courtesy of: http://www.ahcancal.org/events/qualitysymposium/pages/default.aspx.