Cleveland Nurse Puts the Care in Long-Term Care

By Kindred Healthcare
Cleveland Nurse Puts the Care in Long-Term Care A close, long-lasting relationship with the nurse-midwife who delivered her daughter inspired Marvalyn Drayton, RN, BSN, to pursue a career in nursing herself, and to focus on long-term care.


“When you are comfortable with the person you are seeing long-term, they become your family,” she said.

When she graduated from nursing school nearly four years ago, Marvalyn, 28, took a job with Kindred Hospital Cleveland, and has never looked back. She was recently promoted to nurse supervisor.

“Because our patients are here long-term, I really get to know them, and I love that part of my job,” she said. “When something is wrong, I know it, because I know them so well.”

There are challenges as well, but addressing them and rising to them can have its own rewards, Marvalyn said.

“One of the hardest things is explaining to some of the family members that things might not be going the way they expected,” she said. “Sometimes they will have unrealistic expectations for their loved one’s full recovery and bringing them to reality is sometimes hard. It’s usually that they don’t understand, and helping them understand what is going on is really important.”

A positive mindset is key, she said.

“Hopefully the next step is rehab and then coming back home,” she said. “I tell them to keep that mind.”

But seeing patients progress is often the greatest reward of all.

“It feels excellent,” Marvalyn said. “ I am seeing patients come in sick, sometimes frustrated and angry, and go to alert and oriented, to leaving, and even to coming back and saying, ‘hey I’m doing fine.’”

Marvalyn also serves as a mentor to those she supervises.

“Seeing my employees have a good day, and being there for them when they need me, whenever they need me, is rewarding as well,” she said.

For those considering a career in nursing, Marvalyn cautions students to go in with eyes wide open.

“It’s not easy, make sure you understand every aspect of nursing,” she said. “And make sure you understand everything along the way, because if you don’t, you may never catch up.”

Every day, and especially this National Nurses Week, Kindred Healthcare celebrates and takes pride in our outstanding nurses, like Marvalyn, who embody the idea of  hope, healing and recovery.