Honoring Our Speech Language Pathologists

By Kindred Healthcare
Honoring Our Speech Language PathologistsEach May, we recognize Better Hearing and Speech Month to honor and thank the speech language pathologists who work for us and celebrate their accomplishments. SLPs take the lead in caring for language, speaking and hearing disorders that often afflict our patients. Our SLPs most frequently treat patients with dysphagia, a disorder that affects the physical and/or sensory aspects of swallowing, and aphasia, a language disorder resulting from brain damage. SLPs are uniquely trained to assess the problems affecting communication and swallowing, design a rehabilitation program and motivate the patient through rehabilitation. An SLP can teach compensatory strategies in areas where communication or swallowing function may not be regained.


Given their wide range of skills, SLPs are an integral part of the therapy mix for patients facing recovery from different ailments or disabilities. Speech language pathology is a common part of recovery for stroke victims, whose language and speech may be impaired following an episode. Cancer patients who have undergone neck radiation, which alters taste and saliva flow, also may receive speech language pathology services. In addition to seeing adults, SLPs are trained to help children with developmental disabilities ranging from pronunciation and stuttering to dyslexia and literacy.

Kindred extends our gratitude to our SLPs for their dedication to restoring all of these critical functions to our patients each year. To learn more about the role of the speech language pathologist, the conditions they treat and the methods they use, visit RehabCare Advantage, the blog for Kindred Healthcare’s rehabilitation division. Have a great month, SLPs!