Dietitian Louise Spate Celebrates 40 Years at Kindred

By Kindred Healthcare


 Louise Spate Louise Spate


Louise Spate loves challenges – which is exactly what she found in her 40-year career with Kindred.

Her parents, who were both teachers, encouraged her to study nutrition because she always loved cooking for her large family. She fondly remembers baking a birthday cake at age 8 for her grandmother. After college, she initially worked at a hospital, but left to become a multi-facility consultant in 1973 for a Massachusetts long-term care organization that would eventually become part of the Kindred network.

“I said I would leave when I got bored, but I never did,” says Spate. “I love when someone asks me to do something I’ve never done before, and I figure out how to get it accomplished.”

After working as a consultant, Spate moved on to a regional position providing oversight and guidance for registered dietitians and nutrition services managers for 20 nursing centers in New England. In this role, she was responsible for troubleshooting issues, kitchen and menu design, and all other aspects of nutritional services. Throughout the years, she also worked with an interesting and diverse group of employees with a wide range of talents and experience.

“I love helping others. My greatest reward was seeing the success others achieved as a result of my mentoring,” she adds.

In the mid-1990s, she returned to Maine as the district dietitian. Then, in 2010, Spate made the life-changing decision to semi-retire and accepted the two-day-per-week dietitian position at Winship Green Nursing Center in Bath, Maine.

While working at a single location was a change for Spate, she does enjoy the relationships that she’s developed with colleagues and patients by working with the same people every day. Part-time employment also gives her time to do the things outside of work that she never had time for before.

Thank you to Louise and to all other registered dietitians and nutrition services managers for your commitment to providing quality care to our patients and residents every day!