As policymakers have opened a dialogue with providers and stakeholders to address the role that post-acute care plays within the greater context of healthcare for our nation’s Medicare beneficiaries – and the need for a reformed system – it is important to recognize the benefits and value of skilled nursing facility care.

Kindred’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers provide intensive clinical and rehabilitative services in a cost-effective setting to make recovery possible and help patients return home sooner. Our 21st Century nursing centers use new technologies and advancements in care to provide greater clinical improvement, shorten lengths of stay, and prevent inappropriate hospital admissions.

Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers Vital to Patient Recovery, Independence and Return Home The role of medical and therapeutic care provided in our nation’s skilled nursing facilities has evolved over time to manage the care needs of much sicker patients who require aggressive short-term rehabilitation and medically complex care as well as those residents with advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s disease who may no longer live independently in the community.

In Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, we have established expert clinical programs tailored to enable better outcomes and improvement, and have invested clinical resources to meet the needs of these sicker patients. This includes patients recuperating from joint surgery, strokes or other conditions who require an interdisciplinary nursing and rehabilitation regiment – including physical, occupational, and/or speech language therapies to restore the function and ability necessary for independent living.

With the application of specialized clinical programs to meet the unique needs of each patient, Kindred is driving very specific and measurable improvements that are important to recognize in the discussion of the role of skilled nursing facilities within the post-acute continuum.

Despite caring for increasingly sicker patients year after year:

  • 53% of Kindred’s patients in our Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers returned home on average in 31 days in 2012.
  • Since 2008, Kindred’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers discharged 32% more patients home, decreased rehospitalization within 30 days of admission by nearly 12%, and decreased the average length of a patient stay by 27%.
  • Delivering rehabilitation services in post-acute care sites nationwide, Kindred’s RehabCare division provided intensive physical, occupational, and speech-language therapies to which helped patients achieve more than 78% improved function and independence from what they were able to do prior to our care.

In discussing post-acute care reform, we encourage Congress and the Administration to fully consider the vital role that the medical and rehabilitative care provided in skilled nursing facilities plays in making recovery possible – so that patients may return home more quickly and avoid a return to the hospital.