About Password Protected Posts

By Ryan Squire

To all of our valued readers and subscribers:

You will begin seeing a post or two each month that is a "Kindred Conversation" posted to this blog that requires a password to read. This is the work of Steve Cunanan, Kindred's Chief People Officer. Steve is passionate about blogging and wants to use the medium to have conversations with our Kindred colleagues. As this is a public blog, most of the content we publish is for the world to see. Steve's posts are special for our Kindred colleagues, and password protected for their benefit. Steve will be communicating with Kindred staff soon to share a password that you can use to view the blog posts.

If you are not a Kindred employee and subscribed to these posts, we apologize for the extra email (one or two a month) and are working on a platform that Steve can use internally. Thanks for reading and keeping up with the Kindred Continuum.

-Ryan Squire
Senior Director of Social Media
Kindred Healthcare