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Kindred’s Transitional Care Hospitals play a vital role in the recovery process for the sickest and most medically complex patients who require aggressive medical care and rehabilitation over a longer period of time. For patients who have complex ventilator needs, multi-organ system failure or complicated medical problems that are very difficult to treat, transitional care hospitals may represent the first important step necessary to make recovery and return home possible.

These hospitals are licensed as general acute hospitals, often featuring such familiar elements as Intensive Care Units (ICUs), operating rooms and on-site laboratory and radiology services, but they also are distinguished by an additional Medicare certification that recognizes the need for extended recovery periods.

While only a relatively small portion of the population requires the high-intensity medical and rehabilitative care delivered in a transitional care hospital, these hospitals provide the best opportunity for those patients to regain their lives.

The care we deliver is best understood through the words and experiences of our patients.

Vivi’s story is just one example of how Kindred’s caregivers are able to touch patient lives and put them on track to improved health and independent living.

At Kindred, we are dedicated to continuous quality improvement in our transitional care hospitals so that we may deliver improved patient outcomes, increased customer satisfaction and exceptional value to our healthcare partners. This is evident through publicly reported data and our commitment to transparently report our performance, as well as through the words of our patients.

As a result of targeted clinical programs and the application of best practices throughout Kindred’s network of transitional care hospitals, we have been successful in our ability to significantly reduce rehospitalizations and average lengths of stay since 2008 – which are important metrics to our partners and payors alike.

Transitional Care Hospitals

Additionally, because of the expertise and ongoing training of our interdisciplinary physician and clinical teams, we are also able to exceed national benchmarks in several key quality indicators, including rates of line-related blood stream infection and catheter-associated urinary tract infection.

Transitional Care HospitalsIn total, our patient-centered approach to the care delivered in Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals not only enables improved outcomes, it also creates highly satisfied patients and families. In 2012, customer satisfaction for overall care in our transitional care hospitals was higher than 92%.

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