Opportunities Available for Kindred Nurses to Advance Their Education Kindred Healthcare offers multiple resources for nurses to become stronger in their field.

“We are serious about developing our people. Part of our nurse leadership efforts includes bringing our Chief Clinical Officers and our Directors of Nursing Services to the Support Center. They spend an intensive week getting management and leadership training to bolster their skills,” said Matt Hennecke, Senior Director of Leadership Development at Kindred.

Kindred is training nurses in healthcare skills and preparing nurses for management roles as well. “We have recently launched and are continuing to develop Kindred University. It is an attempt to develop people throughout the organization not only with professional and technical skills but interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills as well,” said Hennecke.

Kindred University combines convenience and quality education for nurses. “We are doing this not only through traditional classroom training, but we also have begun an ambitious effort to design E-learning so people can go to their computers and take training modules in the areas of management and leadership. We are also working with Phoenix University to make coursework through Phoenix available which could lead to a degree, but also allow them to tap into individual courses that would help them in their day-to-day work,” said Hennecke.

Hennecke emphasized Kindred's focus on keeping nurses up to date in their field so they are prepared for future career paths. “Kindred also conducts a Clinical Symposium annually which helps our nurses and nurse leaders stay attuned to changes in the industry,” continued Hennecke. The focus of Kindred's teaching is utilizing all resources, according to Hennecke. “We are constantly trying to improve the quality of patient care by means of webinars, conferences, and training. Patient care is our number one goal, but it is also a moving target with new procedures and quality efforts. We need to be on top of those efforts to ensure our patients and residents receive the best care possible,” he added.

Kindred helps nurses financially by offering tuition reimbursement. “It is fairly modest because - like most healthcare providers - we need to reduce costs due to reimbursement issues for Medicare and Medicaid,” said Hennecke. “Nevertheless, we encourage all of our employees to take advantage of tuition reimbursement for coursework that is related to their discipline. For nurses, that can result in additional certifications in a variety of healthcare areas.”

Hennecke says Kindred will always be applying new ideas to push the skills of nurses forward to ensure quality care of patients.