Working Together to Shape Kindred’s Future

By Kindred Healthcare

Speakers from divisions of Kindred Healthcare urged attendees of the 2013 Kindred Clinical Impact Symposium to forge closer relationships at the event and work together to shape Kindred’s future.

Steven Monaghan, President of Kindred’s Hospital Division, opened his remarks by thanking the clinicians for their service and asking his team to stand for recognition. From his perspective, they are on the front line to deliver the Kindred message of hope, healing and recovery directly to patients and their families. He issued a challenge to all attendees to think about what each can do to help design the future of Kindred.

RehabCare President Pat Henry said she sees this event as a special opportunity to network and share clinical expertise. She urged participants to meet their colleagues in person to deepen existing relationships and meet others from the different divisions. She said working closely together is the best way to create integrated care markets and continue to grow. She also issued a challenge for attendees to leave the event with new information, new relationships, a stronger clinical focus and the goal of being a better partner to all colleagues.

Dr. Marc Rothman spoke about the Nursing Center Division, noting that compassion is a critical element of the care Kindred provides. He said he sees the nursing center clinicians delivering the kind of care that we would all want for ourselves or our loved ones every day, providing value and leadership at every bedside. The symposium is the perfect opportunity to share that knowledge and meet the front line of the divisions, he said.

Rothman ended with a message from Nursing Center Division President Lane Bowen, who was unable to attend the morning’s events. Bowen’s message was that good companies invest in their people, providing the knowledge, skills and relationships that they need to move forward. The symposium is evidence that Kindred is making that investment.

Jon Rousseau, President of Kindred’s Care Management Division, hasn’t been with Kindred long, but said he is impressed by the hardworking clinicians and the strong quality focus he’s seen already. This is his first symposium, but he sees the potential for it to help drive better patient outcomes by bringing people together to network, share and learn. And he said he believes these efforts of working collaboratively will help lay the foundation for Kindred’s growth now and in the future. He asked participants to “Learn some things, meet some people, and contribute.”

Tony Disser, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for the Hospital Division, welcomed symposium participants and introduced the speakers from the division leadership.

Tony Disser, RN, BSN, MSN, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, Hospital DivisionMary Van de Kamp, CCC-SLP, Senior Vice President of Quality, Integrated CareSteve Monaghan, President, Hospital DivisionPat Henry, President, RehabCareMarc Rothman, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Nursing Center DivisionJon Rousseau, President, Care Management Division